Amrita Vidyalayam


  1. Parents should closely monitor their wards, their time of reaching home, etc.
  2. Parents should ensure that their child is well groomed and neatly dressed in school uniform.
  3. Parents should check and ensure their signature in the school diary if any note/circular sent by the teacher to indicate us that you have seen the same.
  4. Please fill in the leave letter provided in the diary and send it across, two days in advance of your ward’s absence to the concerned class teacher, in case of planned leave.
  5. In case of an emergency/sickness please send the leave letter the very next day the student comes to school.
  6. Evening classes if any should be attended.
  7. Parents can meet the teachers on designated date and time to get an appraisal of the child’s performance and progress.
  8. In case you wish to meet the teacher on other days, you can do so on request, after the school hours.
  9. Junk food should be avoided.
  10. No student is allowed to go on permission unless there is an emergency and in such situation, parents have to pick their wards from school.
  1. Students should be punctual and regular to school.
  2. Students should wear full Uniform, ID and shoes, Girls with double plaited hair with brown ribbon.
  3. Boys should regularly trim their hair.
  4. Students should trim their nails once in a week.
  5. Students are not supposed to wear wrist watch or Gold Ornaments.
  6. Girls should not wear dangling type of studs.
  7. Boys & Girls should follow the hair code as insisted by the school.
  8. Students should not bring cell phone or any electronic gadgets to school. If found it will be viewed severely.
  9. Students must attend all the programmes/functions conducted by school if they are instructed to do so.
  10. Independence day & Republic day should be attended by the students mandatorily.
  11. Students are not permitted to bring their two wheeler to school.
  12. No medicines will be administered, by school (To avoid adverse effects arising due to allergy).
  13. Kindly intimate the school immediately of any change of address, phone number or email id.
  14. All students should maintain friendly, dignified and cordial relations with their fellow students and staff.
  15. Students should refrain from bullying or harassing other students or persons.
  16. Students should not harm other students or damage school property.
  17. Students who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the school with respect to Punctuality /attitude towards teachers / Dress code / Behaviour will attract penalty, which may include reduction of marks in the assessment. Repeated violations may lead to Suspension/dismissal of the students from school.